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Please contact our Breeders directly for information on current / planned litters.

We believe the breeders listed on the EGNA website are Golden Retriever fanciers that are active in their local or national dog community, routinely follow the GRCA Code of Ethics (Golden Retriever Club of America), the GRCC Code of Ethics (Golden Retriever Club of Canada), or both, and follow accepted breeding and selling practices. They are dedicated to maintaining the mental and physical qualities of the breed according to the breed standard and continually seek to improve the dogs they produce in each litter. We encourage you to read the EVALUATING BREEDERS article and the ACQUIRING A GOLDEN RETRIEVER booklet before contacting breeders.

Additional educational material is available under All About Goldens. We encourage puppy buyers to contact several breeders and work with whomever they feel most comfortable.

Please contact us at mail@englishgoldens.net if you have any questions or concerns.
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