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Below you will find a collection of breeders we believe to be reputable hobby breeders in the United States and Canada with a special interest in the English-style Golden Retriever and the bloodlines in North America with pedigrees that reflect at least 50% post-1950 Golden Retrievers imported from the UK, Europe, Australia, and/or New Zealand, or their fresh or frozen semen.

We believe these breeders are Golden Retriever fanciers that are active in their local or national dog community, routinely follow the GRCA Code of Ethics (Golden Retriever Club of America), the GRCC Code of Ethics (Golden Retriever Club of Canada), or both, and follow accepted breeding and selling practices. They are dedicated to maintaining the mental and physical qualities of the breed according to the breed standard and continually seek to improve the dogs they produce in each litter. We encourage you to read the LISTING GUIDELINES, the EVALUATING BREEDERS article and the ACQUIRING A GOLDEN RETRIEVER booklet before contacting breeders.

Additional educational material is available under All About Goldens. We encourage puppy buyers to contact several breeders and work with whomever they feel most comfortable.

Please contact us at mail@englishgoldens.net if you have any questions or concerns.

Note: To be listed on this website, a breeder must meet the LISTING GUIDELINES and have an approved LISTING APPLICATION on file with the website staff.

* Click on the individual kennel names to visit each breeder's website (where available). For your convenience, columns may be sorted by clicking on the column heading.

United States

State Kennel Breeder Contact
Alabama (AL) SilkSpun Laurie Flayhart lflayhart@bellsouth.net
Arizona (AZ) Desdia Cheri Lundgreen cherilundgreen@gmail.com
Arizona (AZ) Golden Reflection Jo Gardner reflectionofgold@cox.net
California (CA) Star Crowned Karen Webb starcrowned@mchsi.com
Colorado (CO) High Country Critters Lynda and Mike Gehring lmgehring@wildblue.net
Colorado (CO) Timberee Sandra McFarland sandy@timberee.com
Maine (ME) Glenbogle Paula Heiser glenboglegoldens@tidewater.net
Massachusetts (MA) Stoneledge Louise J Guy stoneledgegoldens@comcast.net
Michigan (MI) Brandegold Linda Schultz & Jody Brandeberry brandegold@yahoo.com
Nebraska (NE) Loup Valley Otto and Debbie Gerber loupvalleygoldens@gmail.com
New Hampshire (NH) Eastshore Wendy Bergeron and
Marybeth Tessier
New Hampshire (NH) Milbrose Stephanie and
Craig Green
New Hampshire (NH) Southern Cross Teresa Maura southernxgoldens@gmail.com
New Hampshire (NH) Trowsnest Marjory Trowbridge trowsnest@myfairpoint.net
New York (NY) Cross Creek Christine Miele xcreek@aol.com
New York (NY) Darrowby Sallie and Dennis D'Asaro darrowby@aol.com
New York (NY) Sunnylaine Elaine and Guy Fornuto fornut1125@gmail.com
North Carolina (NC) Acadia Patti Covert acadiagr@windstream.net
Pennsylvania (PA) Garden Kathleen Cadden cadden6@verizon.net
Pennsylvania (PA) Gazn Felice Haggerty tablerockmtn@epix.net
Pennsylvania (PA) Syzygy Diane Romansyzygy@epix.net
South Carolina (SC) Tanglewood Joanne Cava tanglewood2@juno.com
South Dakota (SD) Perfect Peace Angela Alberts perfectpeacegoldens@gmail.com
Texas (TX) Wyndance Cindi Williams wyndancegoldens@gmail.com
Virginia (VA) Briarwood Farm James Cohen and
Lisa Doczi-Cohen
(757) 620-5536
Washington (WA) Anbrus Ane Brusendorff anbrus@comcast.net
Wisconsin (WI) Cedar Tom and Mary Schulz cedargolden@centurytel.net


Province Kennel Breeder Contact
Alberta (AB) Spiritrider Lisa Harbidge headbliss@gmail.com
British Columbia (BC) Oriana Ainslie Mills oriana@telus.net
British Columbia (BC) Tashora Louise Battley tashora@shaw.ca
Ontario (ON) BelCanto Denis Saumure dsaumure@telus.net
Ontario (ON) Conquerer Rob Paterson info@conquerergoldens.com
Ontario (ON) Hollymere Kate McDermott kmcdermott@xplornet.com
Ontario (ON) JAAD Jennifer Duvall jen@jaadkennel.com
Ontario (ON) Lynwood Susan Roberts lynwoodgoldens@storm.ca
Ontario (ON) Maltcairn Louise Grant goldens1@sympatico.ca
Ontario (ON) Norsehaven Ms. Dominic Valois dominic@norsehavengoldens.com
Ontario (ON) Shaynedoro M. Carole Brechbill shaynedoro@xplornet.com
Ontario (ON) Sterre Shelly Blom sterregoldens@sympatico.ca
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